Working principle of reciprocating vacuum pump

Reciprocating vacuum pump (referred to as reciprocating pump) is also known as piston vacuum pump, which belongs to the low vacuum to obtain equipment. By comparing it with the rotary vane vacuum pump, it can be made high pumping speed of the pump and water ring vacuum pump, slightly higher efficiency. The main disadvantage of this type of pump is complex structure, volume is larger, the running vibration is large. The on many occasions can by liquid ring vacuum pump replaced. Reciprocating vacuum pump working principle:

Working principle of reciprocating vacuum pump:

The structure and working principle of reciprocating pump as shown in the Figure, the main parts are cylinder 1 and in which do reciprocating linear motion of the piston 2. the piston driven crank and connecting rod mechanism with 3 (including Phillips) to complete. In addition to the main components and exhaust valve 4 and the suction valve 5 important components, as well as base, crankcase, seals and static seals and other auxiliary parts.

When running, the motor drive, through the crank connecting rod of the role, so that the piston within the cylinder. When the piston reciprocates in the cylinder side movement from left to right, because the left chamber of the cylinder volume is increasing, the cylinder gas density decreases, and the formation of the pumping process, the pumped gas container after the suction valve 5 into the pump body cavity left. When the piston reached the right location, the left cylinder chamber fully filled with gas. Then the piston movement from right to left side, when the suction valve 5 is closed. The gas cylinder with the piston stops moving from right to left and is gradually compressed, when the cylinder gas pressure within reach or slightly larger than an atmospheric pressure when the exhaust valve 4 is opened, the gas discharged into the atmosphere, to complete a work cycle. When the piston moves to the right and left, and repeat the previous cycle, and so on, by pumping the container within the reach To a stable equilibrium pressure.

In order to improve the pumping efficiency, both ends of the cylinder are provided with an air suction valve and an exhaust valve, and the air inlet and the exhaust port of the two ends of the air cylinder are connected in parallel with the pipeline.

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