Working principle of spool valve vacuum pump

Like rotary vane pump, slide valve type oil sealed mechanical pump (referred to as the slide valve pump) is also a kind of variable capacitance type gas transfer pump. The scope and conditions of use and rotary vane pump is basically the same.

Spool valve pump because of its structural features capacity than rotary vane pump is much larger. It is often used in large vacuum equipment. Spool valve pump with single stage and two-stage two types. Single-stage pump ultimate pressure of small pump is less than or equal to 0.6pa, for large pump is less than or equal to 1.3Pa (gas ballast), double stage pump pressure limit is less than or equal to 0.06pa (gas ballast). If pumping speed is greater than 150L / s, the spool valve pump adopts the single stage type.

Due to the bigger eccentricity of spool valve pump’s rotary quality, it needs quality balance if sliding well. Larger vibration will produce in operation. But pump rotating center of mass trajectory is a closed curve of complex shape. So it is very difficult to realize perfectly balancing the inertial force of spool valve pump. Do mass balance of slip valves, reduce the vibration of the pump is always the slide valve pump need to address an important issue.

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