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摘要: 还有从IS手下死里逃生的Yazidi男孩和一则胖子必看的小新闻

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Yazidi (雅兹迪) boy reunited (n.重聚) with family after being rescued from IS.


(note: Yazidi是中东地区一种古老宗教的信徒)

A 12-year-old Yazidi boy has been reunited with his mother in Canada three years after being captured (adj.被俘) by the so-called Islamic State.

Emad Mishko Tamo was greeted (v. 迎接) by family at the airport late on Wednesday.

A campaign (n.活动, 运动) to bring the boy to Canada was launched (v. 发起) after a relative alerted his mother, Nofa Mihlo Rafo, to a photo posted online of him after his rescue (n.解救,营救).

Ms Mihlo Rafo arrived in Canada this year as a refugee (n.难民) with four of her six children.

She was separated from her husband and two eldest sons after their town was captured by IS in 2014.

The family was rounded up by IS jihadists (n.圣战者) in their town of Sinjar in northern Iraq and held captive (adj.被俘虏的) for two years.

(Town of Sinjar的位置)

Ms Mihlo Rafo eventually (adv.最后, 终于) managed to(设法) escape to a refugee camp with four of her children.

She learned in July that one missing son, Emad, was alive and had been rescued by Iraqi forces.

According to the CBC, Emad, speaking through a translator, told reporters on Wednesday: "Im happy, Im very thankful for anyone that had any part in (与...有关系) me reuniting with my mom".

Video posted on Facebook from the reunification(n.重新团聚, 团结) shows Ms Mihlo Rafo tearful and overcome with emotion, and Emad smiling widely.

The Yazidi Association of Manitoba, the Kurdish Initiative for Refugees, Winnipeg Friends of Israel, and the Liberation of Christian and Yazidi Children of Iraq (CYCI), launched a campaign to reunite the boy with his family, putting pressure on federal politicians to expedite (vt.加快, 促进) his case.

CYCI founder Steve Maman said Wednesdays reunion was made possible by "the power of many".

(Steve Maman)

Speaking of both mother and son, he said that "both of them have come back alive from hell".

The boy had been living with an uncle in Iraq in the weeks following his rescue.

The Canadian government has committed (v.承诺, 致力) to bringing up (培养, 抚养) to 1,200 vulnerable (adj.脆弱的, 弱势的) Yazidi women and children and other survivors of IS to Canada.


Spain attacks: How Barcelona (n.巴塞罗纳) rejected (v.拒绝) hate

By Patrick Jackson, BBC News, Barcelona


Less than 24 hours after the horrific (adj.可怕的) van attack, the people of Barcelona set out(开始) to reclaim (v. 恢复) their beloved city.

Under the watchful (adj.警惕的) eyes of heavily armed police, they streamed around the centre on foot, strolling (v.散步, 走路) up and down the re-opened boulevards of the Ramblas.

(boulevards of the Ramblas)

Only the clusters (n.一丛, 群集) of people standing around little vigils (n. 守夜) of candles here and there, and the camera tripods of the media, broke the flow.

Stop at a tree where a little stuffed toy (填充式玩偶) had been placed among the candles and flowers, and you could make out (辩认出) the sound of several women crying inconsolably(adv.无法安慰地) as a man with a guitar led others in a rendition (n.演奏) of John Lennons song of peace and tolerance (n.宽容), Imagine.

To hear such weeping (n.哭泣) you would wonder how anyone could put on a brave face but, each in their own way, people have been pushing back at the horror of Thursdays events.

Flowers and blood

She will not let me publish her name but she tells me everything else, this mother of four from a town near Barcelona. How she heard of the attack while enjoying a day out on a French beach to the north with friends, the alerts pinging (v.砰地作声) on their phones.

"We all have kids and we are always walking around Pla?a de Catalunya (Barcelonas main square) and the Ramblas, so it could have been any of us," she said.

(Pla?a de Catalunya)

On Friday she cut flowers from her own garden and, as public transport was disrupted(v. 使中断, 打断), she set out on a slow, hot journey into the city to lay them on the Ramblas.

On the central square, she stood in the crowd, near the staff spilling out (涌出) of the Apple Store, as people observed a minutes silence (默哀一分钟) at noon.

They applauded (vi.鼓掌欢迎) King Felipe and Spanish and Catalan political leaders who had set aside their political differences to turn out together in an extraordinary show of solidarity (n.团结) with the victims.

(King Felipe)

"We are all human beings," she said. "This has nothing to do with Catalan independence or friction. This is a terrorist attack and we are defending (v.防卫, 防护) peace. This could have happened to you, to me, to my children, to anyone."

Why did they attack Barcelona, I asked.

"Because Barcelona is always in the papers," she said. "When youre a terrorist, no-one will pay attention if you attack a little village lost in the middle of nowhere, yes? But attack Barcelona and everyone is going to read about it."

Then we said goodbye and she headed off to the citys Vall dHebron hospital to give blood.

Stopping the hate

Human rights activists Luca Gervasoni Avila and Josep Maria Royo also turned up to observe the silence.

(Luca Gervasoni Avila)

"We are all in shock," said Luca. "It was not easy to come here, just 100 metres from the place where the attack started."

For him, the key message was that "we have no fear and we are a city of peace".

While this was a moment for giving support to the victims, there had to be a rethink on how to combat (vt. 与...战斗) terrorism, he said.

Mass surveillance and intensive use of the military and the police did not work, he argued. Instead, "human rights, tolerance and democracy" should be promoted.

"We are a city with a large number of immigrants, a city that wants to welcome refugees, a city that wants to offer a different model of response in the event of terrorism," said Luca. "Now is a moment to think different."

(Josep Maria)

Josep Maria Royos immediate response to the violence in Barcelona was to go on social media in an effort to calm people down.

"People were sharing images of their crime which showed children, blood, injured people," he said.

"Its easy to spread (v. 传播) a message of hate against the Islamic population. We must stop these expressions of hate."


Fat but fit still risk heart disease


People who are overweight or obese (adj.过胖的) are at increased risk of heart disease even if they appear medically healthy, experts are warning.

The work, in the European Heart Journal, is further evidence against the idea people can be "fat but fit".

The researchers studied health data on more than half a million people in 10 European countries, including the UK.

Normal blood pressure (血压), cholesterol (n.胆固醇) and blood sugar (血糖) levels were no assurance (n. 担保, 保证) of good heart health among obese people.

After a follow-up period of more than 12 years, 7,637 of the people in the study had developed heart disease.

Weight appeared to be a risk factor.

In the study, people who were overweight or obese but had healthy blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol readings were about 28% more likely to develop heart disease than individuals with similar readings and a healthy bodyweight.

Being fat and "metabolically (adj.新陈代谢) unhealthy" - having high blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar - was riskier still.

Are you a healthy weight for your height?

The researchers at Imperial College London and the University of Cambridge say the findings are a reminder that carrying too much fat can store up health problems for the future.

Dr Ioanna Tzoulaki, from Imperials School of Public Health, said: "I think there is no longer this concept of healthy obese (健康的肥胖).

"If anything, our study shows that people with excess (n.超额) weight who might be classed as (分类) healthy havent yet developed an unhealthy metabolic profile.

"That comes later in the timeline, then they have an event, such as a heart attack."

According to the researchers, the excess weight itself may not be increasing the risk of heart disease directly, but rather over time through mechanisms (n.机制, 原理) such as increased blood pressure and high glucose.

Prof Metin Avkiran, from the British Heart Foundation, which part-funded the research, said: "The take-home message (关键的是) here is that maintaining (v.维持, 保持) a healthy body weight is a key step towards maintaining a healthy heart."

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